Municipality Concrete Lifting/Mudjacking/Raised Sunken Concrete/Slabjacking

Raised Sunken Driveway, City Sidewalk and City Curb

Mudjacking & Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting Services 

Concrete Lifting Services for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Municipals, Plants & Facilities

  • Driveways 
  • Sidewalks
  • Garage Pads
  • Car Ports
  • Detached Garages 
  • Porches 
  • Additions
  • Patios
  • Steps
  • Basement Floors
  • Office Floors
  • Shop Floors
  • Grain Bins
  • Concrete Graves
  • Industrial Slabs
  • Raise Sunken Rig Mats
  • Concrete Pads With Buildings On Them
  • Pads With Infloor Heat
  • Municipal Concrete (concrete curbs, city sidewalks)
  • Bridge Approaches
  • Sunken Foundations & Buildings
  • Void Filling 
  • Grout Pumping 

Specialty Lifting Services

  • Raise Sunken Rig Mats: Raise & level wood rig mats for mining, construction and oilfield.
  • Void Filling: To fill gaps under concrete to properly support residential, commercial and industrial concrete pads.
  • Grout Pumping: To fill voids under structural concrete. 
  • Municipal Concrete: Raise concrete curbs to take dips out and get water flowing properly down street. Raise city sidewalks to obtain proper slope, take out dips and level, match trip spots and void fill.
  • Concrete Graves: Raise & level decorative concrete graves.
  • Bridge Approaches: Raise approaches to proper elevation and void fill to properly support concrete approach.
  • Raising Sunken Foundations & Buildings

Concrete Repair & Maintenance For Residential, Commercial, Municipal, Industrial Plants & Facilities

  • Grout Patch Repairs: Repair broken pieces of concrete with industrial concrete repair grout
  • Concrete Caulking: Seal cracks and gaps with rubber base concrete caulking from water for concrete flatwork
  • Concrete Cutting: Concrete cutting for concrete flatwork
  • Concrete Scanning (Ground Penetrating Radar) & Infrared Heat Camera: scan concrete and detect rebar, pipes, electrical lines, infloor heat pipes
  • Concrete Grinding: Grind heaved concrete, trips spots

Structural Inspections For Sunken Foundations & Buildings(Fees Apply For Inspection)

  • Inspections for sunken foundations and water problems (fees apply for inspections)
  • Problems solving for sunken foundations and heaving concrete
  • Shoot foundations and buildings in with Laser Level

Raise Sunken Buildings & Foundations (Building Structural Inspection Must Be Done To Determine Problem & Price With Foundation or Building)

  • Raise sunken foundations
  • Raise sunken buildings
  • Raise sunken grade beams
  • Underpinning for sinking foundations